Thursday, October 21, 2010

Standing At The Precipice................

Standing at the precipice and gazing into the endless view as it stretched out before me, feeling the icy earth beneath my feet, regarding the scene with my heart I stood feeling a deep bond rising up through the earth and into my shivering feet.
I was home.
At One.
At Peace.
This day is carried in my Soul, it is connected with me for eternity, for, we have been joined long ago before we shared this perfect moment.
The journey we create in our life is designed by us, each thought, word and deed manifests our desires into 'reality' granting us that which we asked for.
It is easy to accept the happy and positive into your story, for it seems that when all is merry and joyful it is good to be you, yet, until you can accept your production of the not so nice stuff too, no real growth will occur, not until this has finally been accepted by you.
It is easy to blame others when life does not work out as you planned, but, it is always up to us which fork in the road we will take, ultimately we choose.
Looking back over the chapters of your story has of course no real purpose, as what has been, can not be changed.
And continuing to cling to the what ifs and maybes will only keep you locked in a self made prison.
The past has no hold over you, once you acknowledge this the restraints fall away.
Any problems we see in front of us are only as powerful as the energy we infuse them with. And without the power of our thought, they cease to be.
There is only one question you need ever ask yourself.
Do you want the problem, or the answer.
Take a walk in the majestic kingdom of God, no matter where in the world you are it is there, and once walked upon your essences merge until you are again One, always a part of the other.
And in the simplicity of walking in silence the answer you seek will unravel within your heart............

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