Sunday, October 24, 2010


Inspiration rose in me as I stood looking at the facade of the house.
I originally picked this one as it reminded me of a cottage, with this thought in mind I began to visualise the garden.
Standing in the sun chatting with one of my friends I explained to her how I would like to create an old worldly feel to it.
A scented garden of delicate aromas, sensual and soft.
As I spoke I smelt roses drifting in the air, joined by lavender and orange jasmine.
As the front garden is small I have the opportunity to create a visual impact that if done as I envisage it, will look very french.
Topiary will be the feature, although I may have a challenge ahead to find three standard bay trees, these will be the main feature of the front garden.
Along the sides of the wall I will have a mixture of miniature lavender and perhaps some orange jasmine, which will both add movement, colour and scent to the garden.
The pathway leading up to the door I will pave in recycled bricks which will add to giving the house an old feel to it.
On side wall of my neighbors house I will plant a climbing rose, red like this one to add a splash of colour as it rambles up the wall.
And as for the back garden.
There too sits a vision of gentleness and peace................

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