Saturday, September 01, 2007

Some Soy Facts

Soy Foods The western world is only just beginning to scratch the surface with the versatility of soy foods. An acre of land where soy beans grow produces twenty times as much protein as a acre that is used to produce beef cattle, an acre of soy beans will yield 1/3 more protein than the average grain crop. As an ordinary item themselves soy beans are disappointing, most people do not enjoy their taste, they take an incredibly long time to cook, soy beans are more valued for the foods they create. * Tofu and miso are important parts of everyday diet in China, Japan and other parts of Asia. * Tempeh is the staple food of Indonesia. * Shoyu and tamari which are natural soy sauce. * All these foods are readily usable by the body. Soy beans are the only legume with complete protein and with eight amino acids. These amino acids are readily used by the body and do not require complementing with other foods. Containing 35% more protein than other legumes, soy beans are also rich in polyunsaturated oils which assist in lowering cholesterol levels; they are high in fibre, minerals and vitamins; * Iron * Calcium * Phosphorous * Potassium * B1 * B2 * The oil in soy beans contains vitamin E; it is a rich source of essential fatty acids and lecithin, nutrients necessary for brain function and fat emulsification. Research has shown that the consumption of soy bean products is now being associated with reduced rates of breast cancer; findings may be related to the presence of isoflavone compounds that are mildly oestrogenic and anti-carcinogenic. Soy bean products contain several anti cancer compounds including phytoestrogen.

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