Thursday, September 20, 2007

Electric Moon

Today is the first day of the month of the Electric Moon, it brings with it the energies of activation bonding and service. Service is love made visible. This is also the third month of the year (for me) and tone three brings in the power of the trinity. This month I will focus upon how I may be of service, to myself in accomplishing my goals and rising towards the Light in myself, but also how my actions can be of service to this planet, to aide the ascension of this planet as it rushes towards the new world age, The Age of Light. By acknowledging my Light and my part in this wondrous Universe I am bringing down and illuminating the Light for this planet. To be activated is to be alive, and a being who is activated is one who has a sense of their mission. My mission is to rise above the callings of the ego, to see past he illusions of our society, to stand firm in my truth, to cease stopping my progression towards my own awakening and to allow myself the gift of remaining totally in the NOW, knowing that I have come here at this time to be apart of the dawning of a new world age. One of the greatest service we have as individuals make is to know without a doubt that we are one, connected by shafts of brilliant rainbows of light, pulsating in rhythm with the Universe. To remember the the greatest service we can do for humanity is to know that no other is separate from ourselves, killer, teacher, terrorists, friend...............................all of us are connected, we are not separate from those we condemn, in effect to condemn another is to condemn our self. Each of us comes here to learn a life lesson, and we come here knowing our fate, our storyline written and agreed for our highest learning and experience. We have all lead thousands of lives, we have been it all, king or queen, rapist, victim, murderer, preacher, man and woman. We strive to understand all aspects of this human world of love and suffering, therefore I do not judge or condemn, I honour all souls for the journey they are presently on, I trust that their mission is achieved, that, like me we all ascend to know we are ready to move forward into the Light having put another emotionally charged life on Earth behind us. Which ever story we wish to live in any given carnation, it is not our right to judge the path of another. My service to humanity is to send love to all upon this planet in these chaotic times and know that by silently uplifting my personal Light I am being of service to the rest of humanity. I know that my personal struggles may seem pathetic in comparison to others, however to me they are real and painful, as I imagine yours are too. We are not here to compare the journeys we lead, (although I know we do), we are not here to worship those we feel are above us spiritually, as in reality we are all enlightened beings slumbering for awhile in this realm. We are here to live our own life, to walk our own path and to strive towards remaining in love when fear presents its self to us time and time again. As this month begins I know that I am reclaiming my power, my sovereignty I AM my own creator as you are yours, and I know once I ignore the ego mind once and for all I will rise above the trappings of this material world, and the illusions of superiority reclaiming the inner wisdom we all hide deep within us, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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