Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ancient traditions remind us that we have come into this world for one reason. Love. We are here to love and to find love in every single action we take, each word we speak, in each person we encounter. We are here to awaken to the love that radiates from our soul and connects us to everyone and everything upon this planet. We have forgotten who we are, although that is part of the reason why we incarnate here in the first place, to discover the magnificence of who we really are. It does not matter what path in life we walk, we are all equal in our sovereignty, although those who have made money their 'god' would not share this view, to them they are superior because of the amount of money they have, the mansion they live in, the clothes they wear, the car they drive. Of course this is not the case and any enlighten soul will be aware of this, those who crave the most material wealth without searching their soul for their soul purpose have missed the point for their incarnation. I wake to see the love radiating from the Sun in every dawn. I see the love in song of the birds that soar above my head. I feel the love of the wind as it caresses my body, and soothes my soul. I see the love of the Universe in smile of my family and friends. I see the love of the Universe on the face of my beloved cat. Love is everywhere, it is everything, it is only when we chose to remain in fear that love is not present in our life, it is up to us to reclaim love, to be love, and once we have done so there will be no turning back. We would have found our way home.

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