Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Mornings Writing

It has been awhile Dear One since you have graced us with your presence - We are forever present in your moments however you create your journey, to struggle. Yours has been a lesson of listening, for when we speak to your heart. You often tend to ignore - pushing us with your Ego Mind to pursue the unhappiness of the human world you walk in. Your quest upon this planet shall not be avoided so easily Dear One of the Light. And why do you think you have had this time of rest? Why is it your body is resisting you in many areas? Cleansing and renewing for your journey ahead - yours is a journey that is not to be left unfulfilled - yours is to, Live your Light and Light your Life. All you are, you are. Within you, you hold all the knowledge and wisdom from all eternity, your Ego Mind is all that stops you, nothing else, in this time of changes and of endings be aware of your sovereignty, you stand upon this Earth as an ambassador to the Light within us all - here to guide those who radiate towards you. So be it.

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