Friday, June 01, 2007

This Morning

On my morning walk I stopped to admire a beautiful Sea Hawk as it rested on top of a signpost. I was the only walker who took the time to appreciate this magnificent bird, every other person just walked past. I wonder if people are unable to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds them as they exercise each morning and if so then why don't they get a treadmill and walk inside? Why come outside at all? Each morning as I walk I feel the wind as it caresses my hair, I listen to the birds as they awaken and greet the day with song, I listen to the waves as they break against the rocks and the shore, I hear the trees rustling, watch Seagulls flying, water sparkling clouds drifting, I experience it all, every single day, I take nothing for granted, not a single tiny little thing. After all, all life is sacred and I honor this, I do so wish that more humans would awaken to the magic that surrounds them, every single second of the day.

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