Monday, June 25, 2007

The Sixth Commandment (my view)

'Thou shalt not kill.' This commandment was to be absolute in its meaning, 'thou shalt not kill, ANYTHING.' Although I am not a religious person, I know that all religions are based upon ancient teachings (myths) that have been passed down throughout many ages, in doing so the original meanings to all of these teachings have been quite literally lost in translation. When our creator created our beautiful planet it was with the intention that all that walked, swam, crawled, slithered and flew this Earth, did so in harmony, freedom and peace. Our creator (whatever you wish to call him) provided all there was to sustain all life upon this planet without the taking of any life. All animals were herbivores as were the human inhabitants. Humanity was not placed upon this Earth to rule and murder itself or its fellow brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom. There was a time where the lamb and the lion truly did sit beneath the same tree in peace, with no fear. When humanity was given free will, it began the downward spiral to where we are today in a totally unbalanced and violent world. Humans kill for a number of reasons, although they always have one common denominator, self-interest. Be it wars, hunting for pleasure or feeding itself, humanity murders totally for self gratification or for personal gain. Humanity, generally is completely unaware of the balance every single living organism plays in maintaining the delicate balance of this magnificent planet. It is not only the mindless slaughtering of the human race that is to cease, but also the mindless slaughter of all of gods other creations that share this world with us. After all who gave us the right to take the life of another living creature? Even if you have a phobia or loathing for any particular species this does not give you the right to take its life. Every living thing on this planet feels pain, knows of happiness and love, it is not just us 'evolved' humans that have the capacity of emotions and feelings. The next time you go to squash an ant, a caterpillar, shoot a deer, a rabbit or a duck, think about the pain you would feel, the heartache your death would bring to those who depended upon you, perhaps then you may start to appreciate the world through the eyes of your creator. And if your argument is there are too many rabbits, kangaroos, deer etc, perhaps the animal kingdom feels exactly the same way about humans. After all they are not the ones destroying the planet in a never ending quest for control, food, shelter and clothes, taking away the homes and environments of others. That devastating and barbaric role is one that humanity can call its own.

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