Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Food, My View

What if you lived in a society where by majority you were educated, affluent, and secure in your work, yet you had to maintain a certain kind of existence in regard to your health and your diet? That if you did not adhere to these stringent rules you would be in punished? Welcome to the 21 century, although we are not under the reign (yeah right) of some fascist dictator who would punish us with imprisonment for not sticking to the rules the majority of us are living this way. We do not look after our body temple and honour it as our creator intended. Instead we abuse our bodies daily, causing ourselves to become ill.

The money people who run this world have our bad health and illness in their best interest, their bank balance! They want us to be addicted to the sugar and the fat in all this processed and fast food, it makes them richer. This whole western 'educated' world is so screwed up, we have become hooked on instant gratification and instant food. When I go to the super-markets these days and look for food that I can actually eat (being a vegan) I am amazed at the utter crap that fills the shelves isle after isle, all these processed packet, can and bottled foods promise to be 99% fat free, totally made from natural ingredients.

Do people actually believe this crap??? How does fresh food have a shelf life of a six months to a year? Mmmmm I can't quite get that one! And how does bottled water go off? It does not matter what you are picking up these days in the super-market, it is laced with chemicals and additives, preservatives and stabilizers, all totally healthy, of course!!! So even by following a seemingly healthy diet like I do I am still bombarded with chemicals, no one is free of them. What chance do our children have, where is this barbaric world headed? What sort of people are we turning into? Do we not question what it is we do to our bodies every time we sit down to eat a less than healthy meal? Do we not question ourselves when we reach for the pills to hide from us the symptoms of a stressed and dis-eased body? Should we instead be reaching for the medicinal herbs, fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses to feed our bodies back to health? I know that my views are mine alone, and I know that my passion for health and wholeness is not shared by many in this day and age, and this saddens me immensely. In this modern world of ours we have lost so much, we may have fast cars, fancy houses, computers and airplanes, yet we lack our health. Even those gym junkies who pound the pavements jogging on the weekends to show off their tight muscled bodies take chemically laden shakes, they are not as healthy as they may like to think they are. We have lost so much in this apparently modern society we live in, we have lost our ancient and intrinsic wisdom, wisdom that would show us the way to wholeness and to health, and with that by majority we have lost our souls.

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