Sunday, June 03, 2007

Not Again

A conversation I listened to last night has alerted me to the possibility of being lured into a rut again once I return to my part time job, as I sat listening to the negativity and judgemental topics that were being spoken about I realised another reason why I ended up having my accident. I shall be returning to a place where the only topics of conversation are of judging others, pulling people to pieces and well to be frank, pure bitchiness. I can not be drawn into this behaviour, it is not what I am about. Why is it when groups of people are drawn together in a work place they have to resort to this degrading behaviour? Why can't they just accept everyone else for who and what they are, after all we have all chosen our current life journeys, our personalities and traits, it is not up to others as individuals to judge others who do not fit in with what we deem as normal. If anything it has enhanced my determination to build myself a thriving practice, offering people an opportunity to return to the Oneness that we all are. Having had months to review where it was that I was going wrong, I have seen where it is I wish to go and what it is I wish to do. Having spent three months of cleansing myself I am not about to head straight back to where I was, I am worth far more than that, and I have a great deal to offer others who are finding their journey in life somewhat difficult.

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