Wednesday, June 27, 2007


There was a time in our past, many long years ago that the animals who walked this earth did so in harmony and freedom alongside the humans that to lived upon this planet, all was in balance and perfection, as was what our Creator intended. Animals also lived in harmony with each other, not preying upon each other for food.

When a human desired the company of an animal all that was required was a conscious thought to be sent out asking for the service of the animal, the animal would arrive and accompany the human, leaving to return to its home, family and life once the task was completed. Humans did not own, hunt, cage or control the animals, it really was heaven upon earth.
The animals looked up to the humans as loving and peaceful creatures, but then it started to change and with the introduction of free will for the humans. The humans began to see themselves as superior and started to hunt and kill the animals, taking ownership of them and controlling their lives. As this fall into unconsciousness began, the animals too started to hunt and kill each other, mirroring mans behaviour, thus the imbalance of our world began.

We find ourselves in a time of chaos as we are concluding the countdown to the Age of Light, The Aquarian Age, if we are to resume the balance of our planet, honour the sacredness of all life, see that we are all one, whether man or beast, we are all connected, to kill another living thing is to kill yourself. I know for many it is a difficult concept to get their heads around, yet this is the true law of the Universe. All is One, One is All.

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