Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Is.......

 Life is a series of moments of perception.
Moments of our lives where what you are looking at has the ability to change direction at a seconds notice.
Everything has to do with perception.
Our own perception.

We have to be present, fully awake to what is going on around us. Who we are interacting with and where is it we find ourselves.
Each day has the ability to be a magical day, in actual fact, each day of our lives already is magical, only what we mainly attract is battles and hardship's that slowly wear us out. 
Stepping out of the habitual patterns of a robotic society is not easy, the longer I reside up amongst the clouds the easier it is for me to see the magical qualities each of us possess.  
When you are fully present in the moment you do not miss a thing.
From the tiniest butterfly to a random encounter in a shop, my life transforms from one second to the next by each tiny action I take.
 Remaining aware of my being here at this time opens me to the experience each day provides. I never know what each new dawn will bring as I try not to plan any more, instead I like to just step out of the door and see what it about to unfold,

 Each step we takes gets us to where
we are now, and if we remain focused on being aware of each and every little thing around you every day. The sights, sounds and aromas of life.
The people we encounter and what is it we can learn from the interaction we have with them.
It is trusting my inner wisdom when a change is required, and by doing so changing the fate of the day.
Life is a magical carpet ride of now. One now after another, all here to show us the way to live and love life...........

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Cloudia said...

yes, each step, we are Here. . . on the way. . .

ALOHA from Honolulu