Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finding Joy.......

Finding joy in every day life is a simple task up here surrounded by the bounty of nature.
Each day I wake to the sedating sounds of her soothing presence.
As I type a hushed wind softly blows past the window, gently the rain begins to fall, then suddenly the heavens open and I begin to laugh.
Closing my eyes and feeling the excitement of this stormy morning, sensing the wildness that invisibly dances outside, tuning in to the heartbeat of our Earth.
In the past week or so I had decided to manifest more lightness, laughter and joy into my life, to seek out moments in each day where a good laugh is enjoyed. Such a simple request yet a vastly life enhancing experience, increasing the amount of times I laugh each day really does make you feel healthier.
Finding laughter in life has become harder in this fast moving and demanding modern world. I know until I moved to the country I too had little to laugh at, living surrounded by an endless sea of roofs a depressing site that took all the joy out of my living environment.
We are not suppose to live in concrete jungles, we need to be surrounded by Mother nature, we need to feel her under our feet and in our hands, for it is here that the joy of being truly connected to this benevolent orb is found.
Being out in the open, feeling the wisdom of the trees as I amble through the bushland, with nothing to hear but the sounds of my beloved Gaia singing through the birds and trees, smiling as the joy of this moment brings me to full awareness of what I am doing, of how blessed I am.
Giving up the new and stepping back into an old shabby cottage has been the most courageous thing I have embarked on alone, because I see the beauty in this funny little home, I have moved beyond being attracted to the modern and the materialistic. I have fun pulling weeds up. Learning to chop wood, which is so much harder to do than it looks. And even though I am physically worn out by the act, I am laughing all the time at how long it takes me to split just one piece of wood, and at how difficult it is for me to do this.
I laugh at me
I laugh at the many birds who come to visit each day. Sitting and just watching these winged beauties shows me more joy than one could possibly imagine. 
Seeking out fun and finding joy has proved easy.
I have found myself in such open and beautiful moments, from walking in the bush and playing flute and singing bowls in an old railway tunnel, to arriving on my best friends doorstep on a dark rainy morning dressed in my pyjamas and dressing gown, hair unbrushed just to say good morning and share a laugh. 
I have returned to living where before I was simply existing.
As new exciting and fun people enter my life I can only foresee that the joy will continue to bombard me with its uplifting boon as I allow myself to be carried along on the fabulous flow of life............

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