Thursday, May 08, 2014

Country Life......

Country life has certainly taken no getting use to, I have found myself slipping into the slower pace of living with ease. 
The beauty of nature surrounds me everywhere I turn and caresses me endlessly with her warming embrace. 
Moving here has not only brought me the change of location, it has also deepened my own healing in the process, expanding my own growth as I continue to walk a life of authenticity. 
Many years ago I stopped watching television, listening to the radio and buying newspapers or magazines I saw these as distractions and a way of programming people from what they believe to what they would spend their money on, keeping them entertained and with doing that they do not see another simpler way of life.
 The longer I have been media free the more I struggle with people who are dependant on the media.
Working with herbal medicines and working on my little piece of Gaia has shifted my awareness yet again.  The more time I spend working with my hands in the Earth the more I move away from any situation or people that do not resonate with my ever expanding self.
I am returning to the old ways, and as I learn more about the magic of plant wisdom and I reconnect with the knowledge of the past the more I see the dis-connection of mainstream society. 
Being true to me is becoming easier.
Learning to say thanks, but no thanks took some practise, not all of us walk a path of personal growth on this planet, many just do what is expected of them, plodding along year after year doing what they have always done. 
Not me though. My soul is unfolding itself layer after layer, and each time I emerge from a deep healing experience I see that still there is more to release, still there is more to learn. 
As my first winter begins at my humble little cottage I feel that it will not just be the earth that is cleansed from the harshness of summer, I too feel the purifying rains rinsing my body and soul washing away the past preparing me for what lies ahead in the continuing story of being Gemel...........

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