Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Real Gift Of Love......

 A real gift of love was given to my dear friend for her birthday a few months ago.
Eight rescue hens.
All only one year old, yet already they had been thrown on the scrap heap.
If they had not of been rescued they would have been killed, after only one year of life they were no longer of any value.
 Seeing these girls arrive was one of the happiest and saddest days of my life.
They could not walk properly.
Had never been outside.
Had not been able to stand.
Had never flapped their wings.
Had never been asleep as the factories keep lights on at night to keep them laying.
 With their new beds ready and waiting for them to sleep their first night in freedom I went to sit with them and watch them experience all the sights and smells of their new forever home.
 I shed a tear as I watched these beautiful girls discover the joy of a dust bath, the first one any of them had ever had. Their natural instincts had been taken away from them having lived locked in a cage their entire lives.
 After a while they began pecking at the ground, and then they learnt scratching, all the time they kept clucking to one another as one discovered a new treat she would let her sisters know.
 With missing feathers and bald patches these were still the most beautiful chickens I had ever seen.
Giving a gift of life and freedom is truly a gift of love..............

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