Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Am Swapping....

I am swapping the noise chaos and manicured environment of the suburbs for this country cottage.
The sparkly and new will be replaced by this older unloved little haven.
The ideas that are running around my mind for what I can create here are endless. 

The gardens like the house have been neglected and hunger to be loved and nurtured. Can't think of anyone better than me to turn this from a dumpy ignored place into a thriving natural oasis.
The kitties will have a large cat run built for them amongst the trees, one where they can run and climb whist the local bird folk are kept safely away.
There is a pond in the front garden that needs to be moved, thoughts for an outdoor bath come to mind for this place instead.

 It is all systems go at the moment.
Offer in on the new house. 
Mine going on the market on Monday.
There is nothing else to do except packing and planning where to start once I have moved in.
 Spending the morning up at my friends house yesterday (who live on the same road as my soon to be new home,) I could already see myself living here.
I am disconnected from this current dwelling, my energy is now located up in the foothills surrounded by the beauty of nature.
I was absolutely overjoyed when I saw these three beautiful beings tied up behind my new house while their humans went to the shop. I shall be in paradise. 
I am so excited for this new chapter.
I will be close to my dear friends and surrounded by the serene gifts of Gaia.
What else can a girl wish for.......


luksky said...

Looks like a heaven for you.

Sami said...

Best of luck with the move to the country. You will soon make it your home.