Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Touch heals on such a deep level that living without being touched regularly is like dying a slow lingering death.
Those that have touch within their daily lives are happier people, yet in this modern world less and less people are touched on frequent basis.
Working within the community with the old, frail and infirm has given me a perfect opportunity to witness first hand what happens when touch is taken from someones daily life.
It moves me each day to see how the simple gesture of holding a hand, stroking a back or a soft hug can suddenly transform a persons day. When touch is given from the heart the therapeutic benefits of being touched can work wonders, and, over time you will see before you a butterfly unfolding as suddenly this person feels that someone cares again.
There are millions of people worldwide who exist deprived of touch, desperate and lonely they shrivel and wither as their self worth evaporates from them.
I often wonder what this world would become if all of us decided on reaching out to those in need of love.
To stop and hug a homeless person instead of turning away in disgust or looking at them with disdain, instead sharing with them what is lacking the most. 
Touch and love.
Living with cats has taught me a lot, but touch is a lesson they portray well.
Cat's are the masters of touch, they know the way to instant bliss.
They share their love freely with those they love in beautiful moments of spontaneity openly sharing their affection.
What if each day from now we all decided to become more tactile?
To speak with each and every person we encounter, regardless of who they are, with the graceful language from our hearts relayed by the laying on of a hand.................

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