Saturday, April 06, 2013

My Love....

 My love of every aspect of nature has been imprinted upon me since my arrival in this realm. 
From childhood I found solace from gazing upward to the heavens and gazing intently at the Sun, who as I child I believed was my father, I did not understand why I was here, why everything was so unnatural.
No one understood my connection to the solar orb, and the more I learnt about this planet and the way I was expected to behave the more I retreated into myself.
 The depth of love I feel each morning as I gaze upon the astounding returning of my father Sun consumes every cell of my body, I am enveloped by purity.
I am home.
Millions awaken to their lives on this planet every morning and never feel the beauty of this moment, for they are lost in the false teachings of the society of which they dwell. 
 Long shadows, golden light illuminating the fresh emerald blades of grass dancing in the morning breeze, what beauty is passed by unseen by millions, too busy jogging or driving to work, blindly they walk this earth.

 In the company of those who share my knowledge I sit and bask in the glory of the dawning of a new day.
Sitting and feeling the love that surrounds me.
 No amount of money could ever replace the magnificence that I see, for amongst all the chaos of mainstream society a garden of Eden struggles to survive.
The boon of our Mother bestows endless beauty for us to enjoy, yet, millions fail to see it, sadly our Mother is being replaced by concrete and tarmac, cold and unfeeling, like many of the humans who now walk this planet.

 As my heart opens more to the truth, the deeper the pain I feel for the suffering animals and the planet as cruelty and destruction becomes the way to the humans.
I struggle daily with being a part of a race of such violent and blindly ignorant people, who see more value in a thing than in a bird, or a plant.
I wonder many times over, why is it I am here?
 My entire journey on this planet thus far has been one of isolation, as no one understands the depth of my distress, the older I become the deeper this pain, and at times I wonder if my heart will break by the horrors I see, I fail to understand why so many people do not feel, why they walk blindly to the programming of the societies they reside in, why can they not see past the manipulation and see what is being done to this planet and her beloved animal colonies.
 To truly feel life is to see all life as an extension of the self.
 To know that each moment is miraculous.
 And that true beauty cascades down upon us endlessly.
The mesmerising elegance of life shines above us, within us and through us with every beat of our hearts, it is up to us if we wish to wake up to the call of life and step away from mainstream conditioning and walk life the way of the heart.........

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