Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Sewing.....

 The sewing machine came out of temporary retirement this morning, and once I switched it on Spirit headed to watch what I began creating.
 Ever the nosey cat, he kept popping up to see what was taking all of my attention.
 Getting a little more game each time I begin a new sewing project, I still am taking it slow, and not attempting anything too difficult, so another bag.
This one for myself.
And the material I choose has a wonderful healing mandala on it.
 Using three different materials I felt really proud of this bag.
It is so colourful and bright, surely to bring a flash of brilliance to even the dullest day.
 I even managed a pocket on the inside this time, for fiddly bits like keys and phones.
Still not using any patterns I am improvising and copying from what I already have.

 The back of the bag is a different pattern from the front, but I guess either way is fine.
Full with my goodies it hangs and waits to make it's first public appearance tomorrow....... 

1 comment:

Arti said...

The bag seems beautiful! The color combination and the simple design are all very good. Spirit looks very interested in your works too!
Have a lovely weekend Gemel :)