Sunday, January 20, 2013


 Yesterday saw the return of the sewing machine, after all the hours of creativity prior to the end of last year I had not touched a piece of fabric for weeks.
Yesterday though I felt inspired, making another set of place mats with matching serviettes for a family member, which I did a little differently to the others I had made previously.
Even trying out more of the fancy stitches that are on the machine.
Really liked these, the material is very indigenous, reminding me of the type of art work the aborigines of Australia are renowned for.   
Then I set about cutting out my first teddy bear!
Here it is all flat, waiting to be sewn together and stuffed.
This is the first time I have used a pattern, I am trusting that it all comes together perfectly as it is to be a gift for a little boy.
Will make a little waist coat or tie to go with him.
I had forgotten how therapeutic sewing is, hours just zoom past as I compose my unique works of art.
And, I had also forgotten how much Pixie thoroughly loves my sewing time, as soon as I switched the machine on she was at my feet purring away loudly, and once I sat down ready to begin, she was behind me on the chair snuggling and purring as she watched me happily sewing, she just adores  our one on one girl time............ 

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luksky said...

You have such good taste!! I know what you mean about sewing being therapudic. I Can get lost in sewing for hours.