Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friday Afternoon.........

 Friday afternoon saw me venturing up into the foothills to spend time with a person I met a month or so ago.
Having giving intent that I wanted more like-minded people to enter my world I was especially pleased when this connection was made, and more importantly that we made arrangements to catch up on Friday.
 Having first dined at a cafe, we then went to see her sewing studio, then we went back to her place for coffee and to meet her partner and cat.
Their place was utterly inspirational, why I did not take more photos I will never know, but, this herb garden really is a work of art.
Who would have thought an old suitcase could be utilized as a garden bed? 
I felt so nurtured here, with fabulous conversation, kinship and surrounded by nature.
The smells of clean air, the sounds of crickets chirping, wind blowing, it was just wonderful.
 It is not often that you get such a instant connection with another, feeling that you
have know the person for years, not only a few hours.
Sharing many many interests especially my newest sewing, we are both looking forward to sharing space in the future.
I had forgotten how powerful my intents/thoughts/words/actions were as I allowed myself to dwell  in the realms of dis-connection in the recent past, but, of course this was required to cleanse what will no longer serve me, to pave the way for the new vibrations and harmony to enter my realm.

 Life is such a gift, and as I reawaken to my waking dream I understand that all is as it should be, and what is coming my way now is vastly different to that which lays behind me.
 True friendship is a powerful energy, and being gifted this sewing box was an utter surprise for me, she knew I had only just begun my affair with creativity and textiles, and presented me with this box, which once was hers.
A precious gift in many ways.
 Acts of true kindness are not frequent in this society I reside in, and that has been the main cause of the dis-connection I have been feeling, but suddenly this has ceased.
After seeing many of her own creations today I will create my first reconstructed piece, making a child's backpack out of other pieces of clothing.
The vision itching to get out of my head and becoming a reality............ 

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luksky said...

I'm so glad things are flowing for you now.

I once saw where someone had made a dog/cat bed out of the bottom half of a suitcase. It was really unique and comfy looking.