Sunday, January 20, 2013


Bored with my renewed fascination with the sewing machine, my little clowder of felines headed out doors to sulk. 
Not use to being ignored, they all sat decided snubbing me was the way to go.

It always amuses me so when people think that cats are a somewhat boring choice as a pet, all the cats that have shared my journey have all been individuals and, they all have had their own quirky ways.
These three are all vastly different, each with their own personality, and amusing little habits, they all speak a lot too, not just to me, but also the each other.
They get moody when they know I am going out, and will do many things to let me know in no uncertain terms that they less than impressed with being left behind.
Tarmie and Pixie love their cuddles more than Spirit, and get jealous if the other one is getting tummy scratches, so I have to ensure that they are both offered the opportunity.
Otherwise they get grumpy. 
Such funny little souls.
Most of all I adore their authenticity, to be given so much love by three tiny beings is so powerfully moving, often I feel such an intense love for them that at times I feel completely overwhelmed.

I always give gratitude for their presence in my story, and for the way we all found each other, of being the one to save and offer lifelong love and peace after such horrid and cruel beginnings.
Love in the purest form can not be bought, and as I sat here watching my three fur babies I realise love simply oozes into my world............

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luksky said...

I believe cats and dogs are alike as some are boring and some have personalities.

Yesterday while I was running Bo the CUTEST little cat came running out to greet us. It really scared me because Bo was obviously not raised around cats as a pup so he views them as dinner. The adorable little cat kept following us and Bo was trying to break loose from me to get to it. Hubby finally had to pick up the cat and take it to the owners house. Whew!! Sometimes dogs can be a real pain!!