Sunday, January 20, 2013

After Hours.............

 After hours of creativity Pixie joined me on the settee for an hour or so of still time.
Just sitting in the cool evening air listening to the creatures of the garden chirping and croaking away.
 Reclining my head backward I noted that the canopy of green is finally beginning to thicken and  grow tall enough to offer shade.
In the two years I have been here my vision has been of creating a secret lush garden retreat, which, when fully grown will allow me to think that I am many miles away from this urban sprawl, hidden in a tropical jungle many miles from anywhere.
 Gone will be the hideous grey fence that is still far too visible, instead all we shall see is the varying shades of green swaying in the breeze.......... 

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Cloudia said...

As you know, my companion is named Pixie also. Something tells me (your posts) that we would feel right at home in your world.

Meow & Happy Aloha to YOU both
from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
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