Sunday, December 02, 2012

Having Completed........

 Having completed my next two Christmas gifts, again place mats, which are giving me practice in using my new machine, as well as lessons in me attempting to master sewing in a straight line!
I am getting better.
The uniformity of the place mats are improving too, thanks to a little trick a friend shared with me.
 Using old x-rays.
They are perfect for cutting a large piece of material, I weigh them down with a heavy book so that they do not move, and the results are speaking for themselves.
 They are double-sided again, with a wadding in between to protect from the heat of a hot plate, plus I sew randomly on the surface of the place mats to keep the wadding in place and to ensure a flat and even coverage.
I am very impressed with myself I have to say.
 As you may have noticed, I have made three sets of these for different special people in my life, all like different things, one of course the Paris, the other frogs, and another owls.
I will be making myself a set in a few weeks, with the theme of cats.
But, until then I have a few other creations needing to become reality...........

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