Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wrapped In.........

Wrapped in a cocoon of stillness I wait, feeling the shifts around me as the quickening of the rising energy surrounds me.
All that has been is irrelevant.
All that is to come is irrelevant.
All that Is is Now, in the remembering of my divinity, of my true identity.
Observing my own awakening has prompted me to retreat into the silent sanctuary of my current dwelling, for here in the warming embrace of Gods arms am I able to sit, to rest, to emerge from my former self, quietly letting go of many aspects of myself.

Unraveling the Light within is touching each part of my life story, nothing is without review.
Releasing myself to God and offering myself to live my life for God is what my whole life has been leading to, yet it is only now that this has been seen.
Having spent my life searching for 'the way' and 'the religion' I have come to understand that I needed no crutches, no temples, no bibles, no gurus.
I simply required faith.
Spending time in God, alone, yet enveloped by many unseen by my human eyes, felt intensely within my heart, infuses me with love, knowing with utter certainty that I am never alone.
As I sit undergoing my own metamorphosis, savoring each and every second that I am given as I expand into a new way of Being, understanding the quest I have embarked upon will transform every part of myself.
Offering my goals to the Holy Spirit is to allow miracles to manifest.
Gone are the days of planning and dreaming of what ifs and maybes, I now simply trust that All will Be as it will Be.
Feeling my wings unfurling ready for flight is an experience offering me intense clarity, illuminating with crystal vision the reality of who I thought I was.
Life as I knew it has no meaning, or importance any longer, I am simply biding my time until the call comes to lift off into the virginal void of the nothingness, the place of truth and surrender and into the will of God.
Across the blankness there shimmers a Light.
Another,who, travels the same path, as we reflect our Light out into the universe our hearts hear the call.
A beckoning that transcends human understanding is heard, a call that speaks from soul to soul, in the language of Light.....................


Jaky Astik said...



love your background here, lady - so sorry distractions have taken me aside for so long - but i always look forward to visiting your beautiful world here -

Clik said...

Wonderful Really Gemel!

Good week.