Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Everything and everyone that enters your life is a reflection of your inner realm,
a reflection on how you see yourself.
Those who bring anger, do so because this vibration resides within you,
the trick to moving past this is to not re-act.
Quiet the mind and close the mouth, 
learn to see negative situations for what they are, prompts for inner forgiveness.
The more you love yourself,
the more happiness and love will flourish in your story.
Life here on Earth makes little sense to me, and because of this I often hamper my own progress, seeing through the heart paves the way to nothing but

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Arti said...

Its always a pleasure to read your posts because they make so much sense. The more we crib, the more unhappy we become which in turn makes us crib even more... A vicious cycle. We must find happiness and joy in small things. Have a nice day Gemel :)