Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Signs......

 The signs of the approaching summertime are increasing day by day, no longer does Pixie recline in full view of the midday sun, she now retreats to a shady canopy instead.
 The sensual aroma of rose is a sure sign the weather is hotting up, as this delightful scent lingers in the garden.
 A splash of orange from this stunning hibiscus adds a tropical caress.
 Stretching tall the blooms of my ornamental garlic reaches for the sky, as well as sharing it's pungent odour.
 Exotic flowers yet to open on this red grass, another of my plants that required maturity to produce their first precious buds, moments such as this brings to me a true and unexplainable joy.
 The bursts of purple from a native hibiscus adds another hue of interest to the garden, it's blooms last but one day before they float silently to the ground.

 Of course this invites many insect visitors to enjoy the bounty of nectars on offer, giving Tarmie a steady flow of butterflies to watch and chase.
 I also adore the light of this time of year, although,
 as the summer draws ever closer, this changes, and subtle back lighting gives way to the intensity of summer heat, which cause many flowers to swoon in it's wake.
 As I approach my second year in this home, I am inspired by my own vision, from a canvas of hard limestone and yellow sand I created this garden sanctuary for rest and relaxation.......

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Cloudia said...

my cat Pixie was excited to meet another - and a sweet cat at that!
We loved those shots

Warm Aloha from Waikiki
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