Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Road To Santiago........

 The road to Santiago is a journey I had wished to embark upon for many many years.
A couple of years ago I was hoping to join another in walking this long and challenging path, yet, it was not meant to be, now however the way calls again, a deeper more insistent voice booming within my soul, the pen of destiny seems to be writing once again, to pave the way for my feet to tread this ancient and saintly path. 
 Perhaps it is because I am closing a personal cycle myself, the current profound changes I am ascending from may have something to do with it, for, as I find myself purifying the very essence of my being, I realise that it is time to heed the call, but, perhaps it is more than that, as we draw ever nearer to the end of this present world age the more disillusioned with modern society I become, the need to be surrounded by the vast beauty of mountains and nature is arousing the sleeping traveller within.

Now that I understand what this bubbling ball of energy within was wishing to say, that The Way is calling once again, was always calling, I know it is time to surrender to what will be, how long it will take until I stand at the beginning of this road is irrelevant, all I know is, I will be there.
It is already written.
In recent years my life has taken many unexpected turns, a time where I learnt the hard way how dishonest and hurtful people really are, being a trusting soul I believe in the goodness of all, yet this characteristic has been my downfall, for many devious individuals have taken advantage of my innocent nature, hence leading me to a time of great inner purging, for punishing myself for allowing myself to be taken advantage of, for trusting the words of others, and for handing my power over willingly, to loose control of my story.
The time has come to begin to live again, not just exist, my present earthly life is void of true purpose as I found myself caught up in the meaningless world of modern life, my disillusionment has been growing stronger these past two years as I found myself being drawn in to the empty stories that surround me, and as I felt myself sinking deeper into the meaningless prison of work and commitments, the more hopeless I became, modern society holds nothing for me, I am immune to the trash that surrounds me, the materialistic nonsense and annual celebrations that are designed to keep us trapped in a life of drudgery, shackled to the manipulations of society until we are too weary to fight back, existing in a life of emptiness, never truly living.
Changes are afoot in more ways than one..........


Arti said...

What a heart felt post Gemel. People who have a pure heart and who take everything at face value in todays world do suffer. Hope there are happy times ahead for you. Always love reading your posts :)

Gemel said...

Thank you Arti, I always write what is said from my heart.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It sounds like a journey is afoot Gemel, spiritual and physical. Things to look forward to.