Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Healing From......

 Healing from a day of extreme purging, I felt drawn to answer the incessant call of the ocean.
Having kept away from my handy local beach for a few months now, due to increased numbers of drinking and aggressive visitors, I went north instead to, what I found to be a hidden coastal treasure.
Yanchep Lagoon. 
 Still feeling unwell I was dressed for warmth, which given my discovery was somewhat inappropriate, seeing that I attempted, without success this time, to explore past the ending of the pathways, using the water instead. You will see one photo of a knocked kneed me trying to keep my pants up out of the water whilst I captured the moments.

Had me smiling, which was all the medicine I required.
Laughter is the best medicine, even if one laughs alone.
 But the best discovery was a pair of Antipodean Albatross who were feeding just off the shore.
They are divine, and not camera shy at all.

Hope you enjoy this amble as much as I, next time I venture up here, I shall come prepared with reef shoes, shorts and a backpack........


muttley said...

wow.... i could do with some therapy like that....

are you aware how many chemicals are in that lovely blue nail polish that you are wearing????

Gemel said...

Vegan nail polish, not as many as you may think :)