Sunday, October 28, 2012

Heading Off....

 Heading off early for an early morning stroll I was delighted to see that for once the beach was not deserted.
 There were many with the same idea as I perhaps, get out early to beat the midday heat.
Yesterday was the first hot day we have has this spring, and I did my normal summertime thing, closed the house up and kept out of the sun.
 What I love most about seeing dogs out with their humans on the beach is that all the dogs are smiling, they absolutely love their seaside playtime. 
 It always amuses me to watch them, as each dog does it's own thing, some chase balls, others swim, one or two this morning were simply racing around in circles, chasing nothing I could see, but deliriously happy none the less. 

 Happiness was oozing from them, such a blessing to share their joy.

 And this little guy nearly got lucky, trying with all his might to mate with a saucy little silky terrier, until her humans whisked her up into their arms and out of his way, still he seemed pleased with himself as he trotted off happily.
 Back onto the human only beach and I amble alone, funny how those without canine companions do not feel the need to enjoy a morning walk to begin the day.
 It was perfect timing, as even though it was just after 8 am the sting of the sun on my shoulder hints to another hot day.

 Smiling, cleansed and feeling peaceful I retraced my steps, heading into the untouched moments of the day ahead.......

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