Friday, June 08, 2012

It Is Said.......

It is said that life is a journey, an adventure that is designed to lead you on a path of awakening to the truth of the real you, if you are willing to step outside the limited information and perceptions we are taught. 
Taking the first step away from the indoctrinations that bombard us is no easy feat, for as one does so, they are labelled as unstable and viewed as abnormal as their experiences catapults them into a state of being that does not fit the creeds we are forced to live by.
Standing alone in this society and daring to forge a path to unfolding the truth within for me has been a long and often harrowing path, one where at times the sheer magnitude of the disconnection I feel to others sharing my journey has left me desolate and alone, feeling utterly unable to convey the changes that bubble inside me, thus leaving me feeling isolated, unseen and misunderstood by those around me. 
Yet, with my determination for validity of my existence I have plodded on regardless of the isolation that has surrounded me, unable, and refusing to follow the empty teachings of society, knowing internally that none of this realm makes sense, that life is not about the mundane tasks we are expected to perform, day in, day out.
For many years I was left feeling unfulfilled, empty, as I set of in search of a teacher, a path, a way of reconnecting to the emptiness within, yet, each teacher I encountered resided in ego, all wanting to be hailed as some sort of 'saint' that was far above me, that I was merely another of whom could boost their self-admiration, and, their income.
Each time I thought I had found the way via the teachings of another , and again became disillusioned with my life, as each time I realised that no one was teaching me anything I did not already know I slipped deeper into a state of unhappiness.
After these years of seeking I virtually gave up, and, for a period I wallowed in the depth of depression and self pity for this waste of a life, until I realised the teacher lay within.
Regaining my belief in myself I began a solo journey a few years ago, a journey that included many personal changes, confronting changes that took courage and strength to maintain, the test was to be the greatest leap of faith I have ever embarked upon, and, although it has taken many days of learning, the gift of this pledge has been worth every weary step.
I now know that the teacher we all seek dwells within, that all of us contain the wisdom of the ages, the magic of the universe, all it takes for us to reconnect to this power is the dedication to still yourself and sit in silence to the beauty within, to activate the communication once again to the realms of spirit.
With the aid of sacred plant medicines I have journeyed within myself, to merge once again with the totality of what I really am, having done so, I have awoken to my self, the self that is All, is everything, the holy trinity of truth.
Why humanity decided to walk the path of the sleeper is confounding to me, as to disconnect from the truth of our true lineage seems baffling, yet, that is what happened, especially in the 'modern' world. As technology and greed overtook the western world, so too did the fallacy of powerlessness, as it was drummed into us that we a race of sinners, not worthy of anything, needing to go to church in search of forgiveness for the many failings we have.
Is it any wonder then that the planet is full of wars, gluttony, indulgence, hatred, and pain?
It has all been designed that way by those that knew how powerful each of us are, they needed to dis-empower us, enslave us in a sleeping stupor of disconnection.
As my own unfolding to the Light of Love has washed away the lies I was taught, I understand that the time it has taken me to get here was not wasted, that each step and lesson was a boon of cleansing, leading me ever closer to the truth.
Seeing through the layers of illusion that encircle me no longer weighs my heart, for, I understand that as each of us awaken, our Light radiates out to find other Lights, like beacons we shine out, to assist in uplifting humanity out of the darkness of sleeping.....................

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