Saturday, June 02, 2012

Having Time.....

 Having time to spare in between my clients the other day, I as always. headed to a local natural haven, to sit and watch the antics of the bird folk, and of course to sit in communion with our beloved Gaia.

 This lake is tiny, you can amble around it easily in 15 minutes, the perfect spot for a midday stroll, plus a welcomed oasis amidst the sea of roofs that surround it. 

 Taking a seat upon the waters edge, I settled down to enjoy the view before me.
Still and content in the warming embrace of the sun, on a perfect autumn day.
 There is something hypnotic about sitting by the waters edge, the gentle lapping as the minute waves breaking against the shore lulling me into a state of idle surrender.

 The priceless gift of this moment, no amount of money, or, 'things' could bestow the same depth of tranquillity and joy.
 Simply divine, precious moments of bliss.............

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, you were totally zoned out. I can get to where time stands still almost and am totally into my senses. Reading your post, I could feel the sun, and see and hear the water.

Take care!!