Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tarmie's Favourite.....

Tarmie's favourite outdoor past time is chasing flies.
Today however he made a big mistake.
Instead of chasing his normal friendly flies, he decided to stalk a bee, which was all well and good until he caught it, in his mouth, getting stung in the process!
Unable to stop him as he has lightening reflexes I was on tenterhooks to see if he was going to have an allergic reaction.
And did he?
But of course he did, having lost a horse many years ago due to a bee sting there was no way I was taking a chance, within minutes he was vomiting, his tiny face swelling and turning a vibrant red.
Phoning my vet, who was out with his family for mothers day, he advised me of another clinic that would be opened.
So in the car we went, a howling and vomiting cat, not to mention a worried mum.
After a quick examination and a conversation to confirm that it was a bee and nothing more sinister he was given two injections and was able to come home for me to monitor, if nothing changed within an hour he would have to go back to the vets.
But, thankfully all was well, he is now snuggled down on the bed, swelling gone, colour returned to normal.
All is well in Tarmie's world once again.......

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so wonderful to hear from you, lady! and with such great news - good for you! have a glorious day!