Sunday, April 24, 2011

Light Softly.....

Light softly brings the earth to life, a new day dawning as mellow shades of golds and pinks dance across the sky.
In the quietude I relish the intimacy of life, as around me the birds begin their choral greetings to the rising sun, their songs penetrating within the very essence of my being, moving my heart, filling me with joy.
In contrast to the empty society that bustles around me, it is here in the solitude of aloneness that I am at peace, pure, at one.
With a rare excursion into a shopping mall yesterday I found that as I wandered into the frantic world that surrounded me I felt oppressed, completely squashed by the mindlessness of it all. Looking at those around me I felt invisible, disconnected from all of it, an observer of a strange species that I no longer feel apart of.
The more time I spend on my own only pushes me further away, no longer drawn into the pointlessness of what modern society attempts to lure me with, I wander alone in a contented state of acceptance, of knowing this is how it is to be me.
Society marks people like me, those living a solitary life as unfortunate people, sad souls who need pity, as it appears to the masses that we are not loved, yet, it is in the solitary moments that I find a love so powerful that I am unable to extend the heartfelt gift that is bestowed upon me. Mine is a path of awakening, one that has taken me away from what is deemed 'normal', a path that leads me deeper into the mysteries of our Creator, and, further away from the trapping of what modern human life has begun to mean.
As I create my own haven away from the waking world I am drawn to be here, in the stillness, joyfully expanding myself into the love of God, realising that even through the simplistic act of stroking my cats I am connecting with another aspect of myself.................

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