Monday, April 25, 2011

As The Last.....

As the last plant was laid to rest in the front garden this evening I felt content with the effect I have achieved.
Nothing like my original plan, although I must admit, it is far more enchanting than the vision I had.
With a native hibiscus and an array of ornamental grasses along the front wall I will have height, various colours and much needed shade for the front of the house in the hot summer months.
I love this particular hibiscus as it has big heart shaped leaves, with vibrant yellow flowers for most of the year.
Closer to the house, with my stepping stones in place, mini grasses in between each one to add movement and life.
Once the standard hibiscus begin to thicken out a little more they will add privacy to the front rooms, not to mention a place for butterflies and birds.
Bringing life to my humble abode.
It has been a lot of heavy hard work, and I have to admit that some weekends the thought of going out to begin was not something I relished, especially as some of the holes required needed to be deep.
But, it was all worth it, every last shovel full, the jarring of my bones when another rock was found forgotten, as now I have the life I craved so much, gone is the sandy desert that had once surrounded me, now I have life, with its vital life force energy merging with my own bringing me endless joy..............



oh, how wonderful, gemel! you've done such a marvelous job - and how beautiful the results - a gorgeous sight! i've always loved getting outside in the soil, planting things and then watching them grow and flourish and knowing that i helped them in some way - and you've such a beautiful place there! just lovely!

Nancy said...

It is lovely - different from your last garden, but yours none the less. :-)