Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Okay I Have To.........

Okay I have to admit something is going on around me.
The first time I go walking on the new beach I have a hawk hovering over me.
This time I see a seal frolicking in the water (look closely and you will see him, just under the seagull.)
As I approached the gull I wondered what it was showing so much attention to, being one to investigate I was thrilled with my find.
So much for my walk, I was too enthralled to move.
The seal was feeding on the weed that was washing up in the afternoon surf and the gull was hanging around in case it got lucky with leftovers.
It was one of those moments that I will remember forever, simple, but overpowering in its joy and the love it radiated.
As I headed back to the car I felt an urge to turn around, as I did I saw this cloud formation, which may or may not be an Angel.
As I said, something is definitely happening around me, think I had better be alert and pay attention to every little encounter I have...............

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Anonymous said...

That which captures our attention delivers to us a message, a solution, an answer, a conclusion, energy, and inspiration which stimulates the soul and expands the imagination.