Sunday, December 05, 2010

My New Place To...........

My new place to walk is this beach in Jindalee, (apparently the aboriginal meaning is bare hill.)
It is a lot more rugged than the beaches closer to the city, and as I like, far more deserted.
Not sure how far I will be able to walk, or, where I may end up, or, what treasures I may find.
Lots of hours of ambling along in silence, just me in Gods endless beauty.
The walkway is a safer option of getting down onto the shoreline as these sand dunes will be full of snakes, all of which are highly venomous. The King Brown, Dugite and Tiger snakes are the most frequently sighted in the sand dunes, and although I find them fascinating do not particularly wish to have an up close and personal encounter with them seeing as I always walk alone.
I have missed my seaside strolls this last month, I had such a lot to do with the early completion of the house, I was not prepared as I figured I still had ample time to organise quotes for the flooring and window treatments, packing.
I realized yesterday when I stood there gazing out across the water just how much my soul misses the serenity of the ocean.
It calms and sooths, reinforces my connection with God and with myself.
Embraces me completely with love by just being here.
Many more mornings will I be here to greet the Sun as it rises to begin another day.................

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luksky said...

The idea of snakes on a beach intrigues me. I don't think I have ever seen a snake on the beach on the Gulf least not on the sand itself. Peaceful looking beach.