Sunday, September 26, 2010

What A Better Way.............

What a better way to end my day than to have a ride on a Harley!
With a borrowed jacket and my own "pink" helmet, which incidentally caused a lot of excitement with other family members, especially given the fact that I was dressed in red and orange.
I was told that I did not fit the "normal" bikie chick look.
They said that it looked like a hippie was riding pillion!
Well, really!
As I prepared for the ride I took time to acknowledge the monumental aspect of the moment.

The owner of the bike is overcoming a rather savage form of cancer and for us to see him so full of life and spirit is uplifting.

I was as giddy as a two year old.
For me, being on the back of a bike is totally liberating and freeing.
I am apart of all that I pass, not en caged in a metal box, I am part of the picture, feeling the wind, smelling the world as I pass it.
Being in God, feeling like I am flying..........................


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