Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking In Resonance......

Walking in resonance with Life to me means walking with my eyes wide open. Seeing the beauty, the sonorous fullness of reality. Trees stretching tall reaching for the Heavens symbolises my own inner growth, the yearning to return to the enlightened state of Bliss.
The path often presents me with a choice, to stand there in the company of myself, deliberating where it is that calls me. Do I forge ahead without sensing my way, leaving all in the hands of fate, or blindly trudging along in a mundane trance of the sleeping?
I choose to sit within my Heart. In the Light. Watching the world from within.
Seeing the flow of Life as it drifts past me, I merge with each ripple as one by one they send out prism after prism of delectable Light, rainbows dancing like jewels upon the quiet country stream, gliding into the kingdom of God. Into the realm of my dreams.To see your way is not important, there are endless possibilities in the unknown. The restlessness that seeps into my Soul is welcomed, for in the blankness of a bare tomorrow hides the treasures of unimaginable delight...................

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