Wednesday, September 01, 2010

There Is One..............

There is one way to lead the heart into recovery of the past, and that is to surrender it to the closets of your mind, to close the doors forever on the stage of your life that caused you or others grief, pain, unhappiness or abuse.
I would imagine that there are few of us, who, could hold their hands up and say with complete truthfulness that they have not in their life acted in an unconscious way, their behaviour causing distress or perhaps discomfort to others along the way of their life story.
Looking back over the course of your life, the lessons and challenges that were presented to you, how you dealt with them and what you learnt, defines who you are today.
It can take years to discover that holding onto negativity and pain only breeds more negativity and pain.
That consistently dredging up the past moments in your life chapters only serve to keep you bound to the sorrow they thrive on, shackling you to a quagmire of depression, hatred and revenge, that can lead only to a future that repeats the same painful past, over and over again.
Some say that life is like that, a collection of painful experiences that just deplete you over the course of your life, but only if you continue to shut true love out.
The way to find the truth in love is to remember who you are, who We All Are.
To step out of the darkness of a beaten and crushed heart takes courage, because it means that you realise that the only one causing you the discomfort you feel is you. Your the one revisiting the past, talking about it on and on, reliving every painful memory blow by blow. The more of an audience you have the louder you shout, the more colourful the tale becomes, until sometimes, no trace of the original script remains, it lays hidden beneath a mountain of lies, keeping you the prisoner of a heavy heart.
Recovering the heart, is about letting go.
It is about forgiveness.
Of yourself, and, of others.
It is about surrendering what has been for the freshness of the virgin terrain of Now, and of what dreams may come.
It is about opening up and seeing that God holds no grudge, he loves you, always has, and, always will.
He has waited patiently for you to see the tunnel that stands before you, the one that leads you out of the shadows and into the light, towards wholeness, forgiveness and peace.
Taking his hand as you stumble in the dark is the only way home, all it takes is for you to close your eyes, reach out your hand, and open up your heart....................


Fickle Cattle said...

Very nicely said.

Gemel said...

Thank you.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

So true. Holding onto stuff hurts you more than the people you resent.

I agree, nicely said.