Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have woken this morning feeling very inspired and refreshed, as I progress upon this spiritual path of mine, I see that the imbalances that I encounter are there to show me where I am out of balance, and what requires addressing to bring me harmony and stillness, I know that I have chosen to walk a rather challenging path, by opening up by being as different as possible to the main-stream crew, who believe all they read, and all that it is they feel they are here to do, my inner calling will not allow me to do that, following blinding one foot silently following the other down the road to a humdrum existence, even those of my friends who share my spiritual interests, are not evolving and changing as much as I am, they appear to 'believe' to a certain extent, yet they will not take full control over their life knowing without a doubt that they are where they are because they designed it, every single second of their life, that not one situation or circumstance that they find themselves in is anything other than perfect, and that if they wish to return to Oneness and design their life in a more harmonious and peaceful way then they are able to achieve this by simply knowing that they are the writer, creator, manifestor of their entire life, and by their sheer will they do produce what they see, hear and feel. I have allowed myself time to see this, and to be lead to this exact moment in time so that I could awaken to my true potential and rise again to the magnificent and serene healer I am. I have allowed myself to be frightened of my inner power, to doubt it, to present myself with obstacles and situations that would give me a excuse not to achieve, as it had to lead me to this perfect moment of remembering, to know that I have it all, I am it all, like all of us are, we simply choose to forget, to remain in fear enjoying the experience of humanity totally, wholeheartedly. It is so easy to blame someone else for your failures, and I have done that, allowed myself to give up and to allow others to be 'proven right' about my abilities and beliefs, when in fact I gave up, I stopped believing in my power, my magnificence. It is equally easy to give away our power, to find yourself mindlessly following someone else's dream. Still all is perfect, all is as it should be, and it has all occurred at the perfect moment, Now. There is no other time of any importance other than NOW. Say goodbye to yesterday, last week, last year, last decade, focus on this moment, and what this moment is giving to you, what this moment has created for you, for in this moment you will see your brilliance, your mastery, you will see if you allow yourself to, the life you have created by your every thought, attracting to you all that was required for you to transcend the experiences you wished to have, the goal, to move out of fear, and into love, to know that love is the only goal of your incarnation, to find your way back to love, to let go of all fear, hate, anger, blame and and and. It is all about returning to yourself, deeply and completely, returning to the stillness of your soul as you sit in quiet contemplation and rejoice at the reunion with the loving being you truly are, and once you have done that, the world is your oyster, you will produce the exact life you desire. The struggle will be over, take responsibility for your life. Responsibility = the ability to respond.

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