Saturday, February 17, 2007

Each day one should..............................

1. Use a healing affirmation to start your day. 2. Practice mental interaction with others, allow yourself move to thoughts not centered on yourself. 3. Feed yourself with balance and moderation and create an inner space of peace when you eat. 4. Exercise!!!! Walking is a full body exercise and it is free, housework can also be used as an exercise. Use exercise that uses your joints, again moderation is the key. Remember to breathe deeply to oxygenate your mind. (No money, no excuse, there is plenty of exercise for free, lack motivation? Know that you are worth it!) 5. Spend at least 15 minutes a day in silence either meditating or simply sitting quietly, be with yourself, let go and be still, getting to know your inner body, feel the life force within. 6. Practice the art of letting go every day, take an incident from the past, think about it, thank it for the lessons you learnt, for the growth it gave you, bless it and set it free, release it to the Universe. 7. Smile and laugh daily, life has many happy moments, allow yourself to enjoy them. Watching the Sun rise, watching a bird drinking, watching a lighting storm, feeling the wind in your hair, go on allow the magic of the Universe to caress your soul, lift your spirits and free you emotionally. Did you know it takes more effort to frown and be grumpy? 8. Each day view the world through the eyes of another, this will allow you to broaden your ability to understand others and what maybe happening to them. 9. The incidents that occur in our lives are like embers of a fire, the more you dwell upon a negative experience, the more it controls your life. Once you have learnt from your challenge, do not fan the fire any longer, allow the flames to cool, release the the experience to the Universe. Move on. 10. Touch yourself, both physically and mentally. Honour your mind, body and spirit, know that this body is your home while you are experiencing physical form. Bathe it and self massage everyday, don't use ill health and dis-ease as a way out, love yourself enough to be a peace, happy and honest with yourself. Your are perfection, KNOW this, live it, BE it

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