Wednesday, March 21, 2018

And there she stood.........

And there she stood wondering what will this day bring.
The gentle waters of the river still and serene.
The bush land eerily quiet.
It has been said that we never get more than we can handle, and as she stands here watching the world just being she realises this to be true.
She has emerged from a life long journey of finding her roots, she has found the family she was taken from, and although it was not as she dreamed it would be, peace has finally come to her.
She realises that she is who she is because of the story she has lived and that it is up to her to honour the heartbreak and tears that have paved her way thus far.
She is now reinventing herself and getting ready to step out into the world free of the past, for she knows that the past can only haunt you only if you allow it to.
The wind picks up bringing with it the song of a lone magpie, the singing  filling her heart.
She watches as slowly around her the bush land comes to life, and the moment is over..........

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