Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Joy......

 The joy of meeting my birth family has brought a euphoria I did not know existed.
To meet family after a life long search has been extremely emotional, yet profoundly healing at the same time.
What I do find is that each interaction I have with my cousins is always a happy encounter, even if it is as simple as just having a chat and a cuppa.
Learning about my Grandparents and other family members is somehow calming to me, after a lifetime of not knowing who I belonged to suddenly I am having all the voids within filled to the brim with nurturing stories, and the physical contact with my kin is healing beyond any words I know to describe this feeling of contentment.
I finally belong somewhere.
As my journey unfolds I am now finding that I wish to fly back to the East coast of Australia and meet the rest of my cousins, Aunts, Uncles and I do hope one day my six brothers.
To be embraced by my birth family is a dream I never thought would come true.
I do believe that angels really did bring us together.................

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