Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lady Snow..........

Lady Snow one of my new pullets was learning to fly to the height of the chairs the other day, although later this same day she disappeared over the six foot boundary fence! I at first thought she might have been taken by an eagle until I heard scratching from the other side of the fence.
Luckily her sister Miss Freckles is not as daring as her sister, she watches from the safety of the ground.
She seems to like sitting on top of anything higher than ground level, and has taken to climbing one of the trees following my rooster Moondancer.
Having not ever shared my garden with chicken folk  until I moved to the cottage I have to say that they do surprise me constantly with their funny antics. Watching their interactions with each other and seeing the strong bonds they have is heart warming.
I am forever sending love to the millions of chickens across the globe who are not as lucky as my five have been........

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