Monday, December 08, 2014

This Is The Reason Why.....

 This is the reason why my ramblings on here have slowed down since moving to the country, I have all these amazing visitors every day.
I wake to the sound of chirping conversations and birdsong that elevates my heart from the moment I open my eyes.

 Each month more varieties of birds arrive, first a couple and then a flock.
Watching how they all integrate and  feed together in peaceful harmony makes for one contented person.
If only humans could do the same.
 The bird folk are getting use to me now and I am able to capture their spectacular beauty up close without them being afraid.
Priceless moments are never ending up here in the clouds.
 With a heart full of contentment I begin another day........

1 comment:

Sami said...

Great photos of the birds.
I love seeing the birds that visit our garden too, so relaxing.
I just have to keep the cats indoors though otherwise I'm afraid they might try and catch a bird or two.