Saturday, December 06, 2014

The Mysterious.....

The mysterious magic of the Universe has left me completely speechless.
The swift changes that have taken place in my life in the last few days are nothing short of miraculous.
The weaving wonders of life has excelled itself this time with the sheer brilliance of synchronicity effortlessly manifesting a new and vibrant chapter a day after another one closed. Wow is perhaps the only word that I can use to sum up these changes it certainly was a case of one door closing and another one opening.
I had made a simple statement to the Universe in a moment of clarity ten days ago, as the words left my mouth I moved on with life not expecting the boon of such beauty I was about to be gifted. In a whirlwind of heightened emotions I found myself suddenly whisked away on a cloud of euphoric bliss that has surpassed anything I could have possibly dreamed up for myself.
Leaving the wonder and the mystery to my master creator has transformed my world completely. And as I still myself enough to stop for a moment as the passion and vitality of life oozes around me I am completely humbled by the circumstances that have evolved around me and the presence of an unique beauty.
Life has changed in every conceivable way, and as I move forward in a state of disbelief at what I have been given I am completely lost in a state of deep gratitude.
Do we ourselves hold the pens that write our personal scripts? For if we do I am flabbergasted at what I have created. I had not asked for specifics, but I did hold an image in my minds eye for a fleeting moment, a moment so brief I doubt whether that alone could have been enough to bestow upon me this particular situation.
I am humbled and in awe of this remarkable turn in events, as suddenly my heart is singing from the deepest recesses of my soul, in gratitude for a something that is totally unbelievable...... 

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