Wednesday, October 01, 2014


 Finding my birth family has taken a long, long time.
I began the search many years ago but I never really got anywhere, after many years of attempting to find my birth mother I gave up, luckily though one of my friends never did.
Last year just prior to my house move I received a phone call from an old friend who had never given up the search.
She had found my the connections I had missed.
Walking the world with no idea who you are is not easy, you have no idea of your roots, and I never realised until I reconnected with my first cousin how much of a difference this makes.
 It has taken me all of my life to have the simple pleasure of sharing a day out with my cousin and learning more about my indigenous roots. Each time I see her the deeper our connection becomes and the more complete I feel.
Sadly my mother is no longer living, but I am now aware of having five brothers, and am now waiting to hear news of them.
This new chapter is an exciting and extremely emotional one.
Yet finally I am finding a deep sense of peace.........

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