Monday, October 06, 2014

Each Flower....

Each flower on this planet is unique, each a wondrous work of art, an individual nestled amongst other flowers all reaching for the sun.
Humans are the same.
Each of us is different, all trying to find our place in the world whilst coping with the circumstances life throws at us.
How each of us deals with these circumstances varies greatly from person to person. As we strive to make our way in the world we have the ability to work through all the situations and emotions that  we are presented with, these situations help mould us in to the person we become.
The longer I am on this planet one thing I am certain of, no one is capable of giving another person advice. We can listen and we can support, but to think we know what is best for another person, or know what they are feeling is impossible, therefore if we as a race learnt the art of listening with our hearts and just being there for those we love this world would change overnight.
When we give advice we are forcing our opinions on to others, and our view of what is good for them advising of what they should or should not do.
We are not the ones that dwell in their bodies.
We have not felt their pain.
We do not understand their suffering.
The past is carried within us, held in the cellular memory of our bodies, this is what makes us who we are, unique and beautiful beings all struggling to find our way in a world that is getting harder to be a part of day by day.
Some have had an easy journey, some have not.
Some brush their pain and sorrow away, some carry it with them for a lifetime, and sadly some take their own lives when they fail to find the peace they  so desperately crave, others though, will continue to work through all their burdens until their last breath, and some finally find their way to inner harmony........

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