Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quilldancer and Princess Sparkles....

 Quilldancer and Princess Sparkles taking cover during a storm under the veranda, I think if I left the door open they would actually come inside.
 Have discovered that they love blueberries and will follow me anywhere if I have them, bless them they are such a joy to have around. Every home should have the joyous vibe of chicken energy in their garden........

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Art Of Relaxation...........

 The art of relaxation is becoming lost as the hustle and bustle of modern life zooms along out of control.
Few of us take the time to sit, just being who we are.
Take a moment to pause.
Breathing in and breathing out.
The morning sun warms your face, your breathing slows down, you feel yourself slipping into the comfortable warm embrace of the sunshine.
 Delicate aromas drift upon the breeze, the rustle of the trees play a soothing melody which transports you deeper and deeper into your own inner realm, a place of serenity and safety.
 There is nothing except this moment.This incredible moment of complete tranquillity where you need for nothing.
Want for nothing.
You are full to the brim with gratitude for the gift of living this life, right here, right now..........

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Monday, October 06, 2014

Each Flower....

Each flower on this planet is unique, each a wondrous work of art, an individual nestled amongst other flowers all reaching for the sun.
Humans are the same.
Each of us is different, all trying to find our place in the world whilst coping with the circumstances life throws at us.
How each of us deals with these circumstances varies greatly from person to person. As we strive to make our way in the world we have the ability to work through all the situations and emotions that  we are presented with, these situations help mould us in to the person we become.
The longer I am on this planet one thing I am certain of, no one is capable of giving another person advice. We can listen and we can support, but to think we know what is best for another person, or know what they are feeling is impossible, therefore if we as a race learnt the art of listening with our hearts and just being there for those we love this world would change overnight.
When we give advice we are forcing our opinions on to others, and our view of what is good for them advising of what they should or should not do.
We are not the ones that dwell in their bodies.
We have not felt their pain.
We do not understand their suffering.
The past is carried within us, held in the cellular memory of our bodies, this is what makes us who we are, unique and beautiful beings all struggling to find our way in a world that is getting harder to be a part of day by day.
Some have had an easy journey, some have not.
Some brush their pain and sorrow away, some carry it with them for a lifetime, and sadly some take their own lives when they fail to find the peace they  so desperately crave, others though, will continue to work through all their burdens until their last breath, and some finally find their way to inner harmony........

A Beautiful Morning.......

 A beautiful morning watching my fur babies watching the goings on of the bird folk.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Flesh Foods Debate.....

 The flesh foods debate as well as the dairy debate has been going on for a very long time.
Those that consume flesh foods and eat dairy will defend their food choices with reasoning such as, "I can't live without eating meat"
"We are meant to eat meat"
Well firstly we are not natural predators, we do not have claws or teeth sharp enough to rip the throat out of our prey, we were taught to hunt, with spears and whatever weapons indigenous peoples around the globe could make.
Secondly, yes one can survive without eating a meat based diet.
Vegans and vegetarians are less aggressive than those that consume meat, a recent study at a American prison has proven this after deciding to trial a vegan diet for the all the inmates,
the result was less violence in the prison, and on release the reoffending rates went down from 95% to 2%.
Speaks for itself.
And oh for a more peaceful population!
I have had endless debates over the years with aggressive meat eating people, some who had not known me personally, however most were people I knew.
What they all fail to realise is that arguing with a vegan/vegetarian is an argument you can not win,  vegans/vegetarians see all life forms as sacred, therefore see that all sentient beings deserve to live a life of peace with their families without fear of human cruelty.
Over the years during discussions about this topic I have found that most meat eaters profess to love animals, some more than others, for instance they would not eat their companion dog or cat, however they turn a blind eye to the suffering and violence that all animals used in the food industry endure so that they may have a body part for their dinner.
Another question I often ask during these attacks on my preference to avoid flesh foods is, "could you kill and dress an animal yourself to eat?"
I myself could not, I would rather die, therefore I don't eat it.
Most people answer this question with a no.
So, if one is not prepared to deal with their food in a hands on way, then why should countless animals around the world be imprisoned and treated in such vile ways just to feed the lazy?
Morally it is wrong, which is why people turn a blind eye to where their food comes from.
They don't want to watch or talk about how their body parts make it to their dinner table, nor do they care about the wastage of over slaughtering animals which sees meat going off in supermarkets and thrown out in the rubbish. This means that many of these gentle souls are murdered for nothing.
The other day I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a person who had woken up to all of this by accidentally watching a horrific video of a dog being dragged behind a car.
The person said to themselves, "why am I crying about this, I eat meat."  Suddenly a realisation hit this person that by not seeing the horrific practises in the meat industry does not mean they are not there, this person has now made the conscious decision to never touch flesh foods again.
For all the millions of people across the planet who consume flesh foods, they have one thing in common, they can not connect with the sovereignty of each life form who shares our world, instead they shut off from certain animals being seen as feeling loving beings as purely sources of food.
No animals life in the food industry is taken with honour, nor are they blessed when they are cruelly slaughtered.
How anyone can say this is right in any way still baffles me.
All beings love, all have the same feelings we do.
As I watch my two chickens strutting around my property scratching for food and having the luxury of a dust bath my heart aches for the millions of chickens kept in cages their entire life to provide eggs, they never stand, never forage, never see the sun.
I know my views are mine, and my heartbreak my own too, however when one other person wakes up the horrors of the flesh foods industry it fills my heart with joy.
No one on this planet deserves to live a live of misery and pain, whether they be feathered, scaled or fur skinned.
Humanity needs to wake up and see that these barbaric practises need to be stopped..........  

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Life Has A Way.....

 Life has a way of becoming far too complicated and stressful causing us to be rushing from one thing to another with never a chance to sit and just be.
The greatest gift my little quirky cottage has given me is the ability to enjoy the abundance of nature whenever I step outside my door.
 I have so many birds that nest not only in my own Grandmother Jarrah tree in my front garden, but also in the trees surrounding my home.
These beautiful creatures demand attention by their funny antics and their presence.
They emit joy.
Calmness and playfulness.
 At the back of my property under the Cape Lilac tree I have created a sitting area, a collection of second hand chairs and coffee table which I found at the local recycle yard.
Here is where I sit with my morning coffee, in the stillness whatever the weather to take time to be and to allow my heart to connect to this wonderful oasis I am creating.
 I am never alone when I sit here, there is always a watchful eye or two, endless chirping and chattering, graceful flights to watch in awe.
My connection with the earth has deepened since I moved here nearly one year ago, with creating a edible garden for me, a bird and butterfly garden as well as now having chickens to look after has me out enjoy the blessings of nature on a daily basis.
 Giving gratitude for this humble home is something I frequently do.
From the first moment I saw this place I knew I could transform it slowly in to a place of beauty and life from the unloved and dirty place it was when I first came to view it.
I recall the looks of horror and concern on each persons face the very first time they came to visit, I also recall the first time I unlocked the door and cried thinking I had made a terrible mistake as the previous owners left the house in a disgusting state.
 However, one year on I can freely say I am at peace.
Content with the choice I made to leave the modern life in the suburbs to return to nurturing embrace of the country.........

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

With All.....

 With all the changes happening in my life I now have two rescue chickens at my little cottage.
So much has changed since I last wrote, and now that things are starting to settle down I finally have time to get back into my blog once again.
Chicken energy is amazing.
I have never kept chickens before and they have brought such happiness into my life.
Forever clucking and foraging for tasty worms and bugs they are the soul of my garden.
Life has a habit of getting way to complicated and if I have learnt anything from my girls in the short time I have had them it is this.
Keep it simple and just be...............